The Ultimate Brow Routine For Girls With Sparse Brows

liza Whether its caused by over-plucking or your eyebrows just naturally don’t grow as much, the struggle for having sparse brows remains to be real–not everyone is blessed with thick, lush arches à la Lily Collins. Luckily, solving this dilemma is not as difficult as you think. Here’s 3-step brow routine to bring life back to your sparse arches:
STEP 1: Shape

Since sparse brows usually have an uneven shape, define your arches using a pencil starting from the middle and draw it towards the end. This will make it easier for you to shape the inner corners of your brow. Pencils work great in precisely shaping and filling in your arches, especially when creating short strokes that mimic natural brow hair.


Master Brow, PHP 249, Maybelline

STEP 2: Shade

Here’s a pro tip: if your brows are bolder, the sparse areas wouldn’t be too noticeable. Using a pomade, gently glide it from your inner brow towards the arch, and swipe the tip of the pomade from the arch to the tail for bolder brows. P.S. Make sure to do it in light strokes to avoid an overdrawn pair of arches.


Pomade Crayon, PHP 399, Maybelline

STEP 3: Add Volume

Once you’ve filled in your brows, keep the hair in place while adding more definition with a few coats of brow mascara. Our best bet? Apply a fiber-infused filling mascara in short, upward strokes for volumized brows. The hair-like fiber ingredient naturally makes your brows look fuller. e6

Brow Precise, PHP 399, Maybelline

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