How To Find The Perfect Nail Shape For Your Hands

If you lived by your natural nail shape for as long as you can remember, we’ve listed down all the styles you need to know to fully hit refresh on your mani.

1. Square

Lend your hands an edge (sans the effort) with square shaped nails that stars like Kylie Jenner would approve of. This nail shape looks great on people who naturally have wide nail beds.

2. Coffin 

Coffin-shaped nails have a squared-off tip, which mimics the appearance of an actual coffin or a ballerina’s pointe shoes. With its long and slim style, this sleek shape doesn’t fail to look Instagram-ready.

3. Round 

The classic round shape is the easiest to maintain, as it only requires buffing to keep its short length and natural curved edge. Basically, it begins with straight sides but ends with a curve, following the natural shape of the fingertip. For any lazy girl who wants to look slightly more polished, finger-wise, this one’s for you.

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4. Oval

With blunt and delicate-looking tips, oval nails evoke femininity in every way. And yes, it’s different from the rounded ones. Its curves are more intense; apart from the tips, oval manicure are filed down even on the sides, so it naturally makes fingers look slender.

5. Almond

Mimicking the actual shape of almonds, the nail wall is tapered to create edges with a round peak. Most often than not, natural nails are too weak to maintain this manicure’s structure, so it’s best achieved with gel or acrylic.

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