How to Get Smarter During Your Downtime

book_and_borders_featured_image We’re nerds at heart. Book lovers. Bookworms. Intellectuals (kidding right there). There are thousands of coffeehouses in the metro, but most of them offer nothing more than good ambience and good coffee. We never knew we craved for something more until Book & Borders came along. Just their tagline–“Read. Sip. Dine.”–makes us all giddy inside. Concept cafés are nothing new, but Book & Borders took it up a notch by combining the coffeeshop experience with a library. Leave your laptops at home–this place is for quiet, calming relaxation in the midst of hardbounds and paperbacks. Come to think of it, a coffeeshop and a library is the most natural combo. Their brand ambassadors, Benjamin Ales and Karylle, are self-confessed bookworms, and it’s about time you admit it to yourself too. Not unlike other popular cafés, Book & Borders offer pasta, sandwiches, salads, breakfast, refreshing drinks, and deserts along with their home-brewed coffee. We enjoyed a wide array of magazines and books while sipping on a cup of joe and munching on donuts, cakes, tarts, squares, cupcakes, breads, muffins, and more. If you ever decide to drop by, we swear on their Truffle Mushroom Pasta, Tuyo Pasta, and Beef Pastrami Sandwich. Check out their IG page here and their Twitter here.

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