3 Ways to Lessen Your Noise Pollution This Weekend

Do you ever find yourself stressed out even before you get to the office? There may be an explanation to that. In a recent report by Harper’s Bazaar, it was stated that loud street noise or noise pollution is considered the number two threat to public health, right after pollution. This was reported by the Environmental Burden of Disease project, presented at the latest World Health Organization Ministerial Conference. The problem stems from noise pollution being directly related to anxiety, as nationwide anxiety levels have spiked. It is confirmed that cancer, heart disease, obesity and myriad other conditions can be worsened by stress that noise pollution brings. Aside from diminishing the quality of life, it is said that it can be worse for women as well–women are reported to be more field-dependent (meaning they take the whole picture of things), while men are more focused on what they are doing at the moment. Different people also have different levels of sensitivity to this, so people have unique experiences with this issue. So how does one avoid the stress that comes with this? How can one help contribute to the lessening of noise pollution? Some have opted for expensive, private firms that offer sensory-deprivation tanks, but surely, there are less expensive ways to do that. Here are some suggestions:

1. Detox from phone

Cellphones are largely to blame for noise pollution. Even if it isn’t automatically a trigger for you, it can contribute to the noise of those around you. What you can do during the weekend is to intentionally lessen how often you refresh your phone for updates, taking the time to focus on your favorite activities instead.

2. Be considerate of your neighbors

How to Avoid Noise Pollution
A scene from movie “Project X”
We all know this cliché statement that happens to be true: treat your neighbors the way you wish to be treated. So the next time you’re about to do something, picture yourself in the shoes of those around you. Maybe you can avoid blabbering noisily on your phone in an elevator full of people, or turn the TV and stereo down a little bit if you’re used to having it on full blast. These little things can already make a huge difference in the stress levels of others.

3. Get out of the city

How to Avoid Noise Pollution
A scene from movie “Eat Pray Love”
You may also opt for a quick getaway away from the city. The quiet environment will definitely give you more space to think and relax to your heart’s content. Instead of dreading Monday, you will come back from the weekend feeling refreshed and ready for the days to come.   In-article photos: Teen Vogue | Collider | Pathé

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