How To Make Your Foundation Look Like Real Skin

As much as we all aim for a luminous and dewy effect, we just really want our foundation to still look and feel like our skin, but only better. However, making it look like you’re not wearing any can be quite the challenge. To solve your foundation woe, here’s what you need to do, stat:

1. Prep the skin. 

No matter how good your bottle of foundation is, slathering it on flaky, dehydrated skin will only leave a finish that’s fake and obvious. Apart from primers, try massaging your face with hydrating serums for an extra boost of moisture, making it easy to work the foundation into the skin. According to Vogue, Bella Hadid and Zoe Kravitz also go as far as putting on sheet masks before foundation to begin with a supple base. While we don’t recommend doing this on a daily basis as it isn’t practical, it only proves the importance of prepping the face for a skin-like finish.

Ultra HD Skin Booster, PHP 2,250, Make Up For Ever
 Ultra HD Skin Booster, PHP 2,250, Make Up For Ever

2. Keep it dewy.

If you want your foundation to look more natural, it’s only right that you keep it as real as possible–this means you should retain that dewiness as if you’re not wearing any products. On the high points of your face (cheekbones, cupid’s bow, etc), sweep a dose of liquid highlight to add dimension to your face. Strobe Cream, PHP 1,584, MAC Cosmetics 

 Strobe Cream, PHP 1,584, MAC Cosmetics

3. Use the right tools.

Believe or not, reaching for the right tool makes a huge difference. Unless you’re aiming for a full coverage, loosely packed brushes (think a stippling brush) work best in delivering a sheer, light ‘wash’ of foundation. Brushes with dense bristles essentially holds more product, giving you more coverage.
Pro Brush Stippling #44, PHP 1,608, Sephora
 Pro Brush Stippling #44, PHP 1,608, Sephora PH
Featured image: Mickey See

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