If you must lie, do it in style

Your place in the world depends largely on how it perceives you — your style, your essence, the way you walk and talk, what you put on your back, the face your mother gave you. But you already know that, and you look fabulous for it.
When social media opened private lives (and a Pandora’s box of insecurities) to the public, basic polishing of self-presentation morphed into an obsession with perfection. Everyone is now a celebrity in their own mind, and they’re their own publicist. The appeal of Instagram lies in its ability to instantly alter reality. Slapping a filter over a bland picture is no different from slathering makeup on a bland face. Cherry-picking photos to post is the same as choosing an outfit before stepping out the door. As in real life, a certain level of inauthenticity is embraced in the platform.
But there is a thin line between enhancement and deception.
The Insta-world has a dirty little secret: Photoshop-like apps that go above and beyond light and color adjustment. A swipe here and a flick there can transform anyone into supermodels. In the aspirational world of glossies, photoshopping is a necessary evil. But social media is a different animal — it is a sacred club that thrives on a sense of equality and connection.
Britney understands.
From the Kardashians to Miranda KerrGeorgina Wilson to Ellen AdarnaSarah Lahbati to Janella Salvador to the starlet with 30k followers, many have been caught in irreversible faux pas—a curved wall behind a perfectly perky butt, long shapely legs sprawled on awkwardly bent furniture, a bikini body posing in front of a bent horizon. Millions of mere mortals around the world have also joined the party. It’s virtual cosmetic surgery for those who don’t have the balls (or the cash) for the real thing. And like cosmetic surgery, it still has a long way to go before it breaks free from taboo.
At least photoshop is painless.
If you do decide to throw dignity out the window, do it well, and do it in style. Before anything else, make sure the subject (your sexy ass) is against minimal background. You want curves on you, not in the landscape or the architecture. Don’t be like those careless celebrities — you’ve got more free time on your hands, dahling.
Use Make Me Thin’s automatic slimming mode for a quick, overall effect. Or use its manual mode to finger-cure specific problem areas like the cheeks, thighs, butt, waist, arms. Avoid distorting any bones to avoid humiliation. It’s not enough to be skinny — you need legs for days. Download Spring to add several inches and a hundred more likes. dailymailcouk2 If you have an unfortunate face, there is always Facetune to smooth out wrinkles, widen your eyes, slim down your nose, or chop off some jawbone. Selfie-Facetune-5 And to cap off your brand new face (you were probably too busy editing to remember to put makeup on), Perfect 365 offers one-tap touchups that can put your M.A.C. collection to shame. filecoredotblogspot Seeing an upgraded “you” can be addictive. Once you pop, it can be difficult to stop. The amount of likes you get will be inversely proportional to how much you will end up liking yourself — but hey gorgeous, you’ll get over it. Because no matter how much we condemn it, everyone secretly prefers the beautiful lie to the ugly truth. ~

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