Nothing Beats Paper: Immortalize Your Memories with FujiFilm’s Photo Diary

fuji_featured_image You’ve got Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. You’ve got your hard drives full of mementos. The only time you ever think of a picture printed on paper is when it’s in a frame on a mantle. You may even be too young to have lived through the film photo era (hello 2000s babies). But nothing beats the tactility of print. Flipping through a book of your life is so much more fun than scrolling through a feed. It makes the memories feel less transient, more special. But ain’t nobody got time for that! (Especially busy bodies like James Reid and Bea Alonzo.) That’s why the FUJIFILM Photo Diary is a godsend. They will do the dirty work for you, compiling and labelling your photos in minutes. Developed through FUJIFILM’s Image Organizing Technology, the Photo Diary creates an original album out of a year’s worth of your images (or just for a special occasion, depending on your needs). You won’t have to manually choose photos–the Image Organizing Technology software will automatically select the best photos for you and arrange it in the best layout possible. In literally 5 minutes, you will have a ready-to-print layout. There are various design templates and gorgeous color schemes to choose from.

The Photo Diary is not a traditional photo album by any means. It’s like owning your own coffee table book–it’s a cute hardbound accesorry you can take anywhere! The Photo Diary is made of high-quality FUJIFILM photo paper and special insert material to make the pages extra-durable. 

In an era where everything is digital, t’s time to create something that will last. Hand this down from generation to generation.

The price of the Photo Diary starts at Php999 for a minimum of 16 pages, and up to Php2,199 for a maximum of 40 pages. 

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