In His Makeup Chair: Juan Sarte Reveals His Celebrity Beauty Techniques

There’s nothing like getting makeup tips from a pro. After all, behind your favorite celebrity selfie is a makeup artist doing his magic. For Mega magazine’s 25th year with 25 iconic women, makeup artist Juan Sarte beautified the likes of Maine Mendoza, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Angelica Panganiban, Marian Rivera-Dantes and more. Known for having a precise hand, he had been the go-to makeup artist of many stars for 25 years. Having 25 different women all lined up, he made sure that no two looks are the same. Here, Juan dishes on how he went about creating the iconic looks of these stars and of course, his makeup secrets.


Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo 

“My secret for Judy Ann’s look is that I don’t always go over the top. She’s a mom, and she’s the Queen of Soap, which a lot of women and moms can relate to. So when we do endorsements and TV appearances, I always give her a classic Judy Ann look. When she gets featured in a magazine, that’s the time when I change her look to have a surprise factor. If her appearance is different all the time, there wouldn’t be a new look to watch out for. So for this shoot, I created a look that’s not the usual for her–I went for smokey eyes”.

Angelica Panganiban 

“Angelica is an actress known for being unconventional. I didn’t want to go for the usual artista look. She has a really young face, so I didn’t do much on her face. I kept it bare-looking.  I think it looks more modern compared to how she would look like performing on stage. Her look was very toned down–no lashes, no contact lens”.

KC Concepcion

“KC and I have a code for bare makeup called Sans maquillage, which is no makeup in French. So for the shoot, we went for this look. She didn’t have foundation on her face, but it still worked because KC’s biggest asset is her baby skin. But just to give the look an accent, I swiped on a red lipstick”.

Maine Mendoza

“Maine is a millennial. She’s very young. So when I do her makeup, I also do the same formula–I don’t go over the top. I want to reserve something for her other gigs since she’s only 21-years-old. There’s a lot more years ahead for her in the entertainment industry. I went for her usual look–bushy brows and no lashes as well. We focused more on changing her hair style, but for the makeup, it was just very fresh”.

Lucy Torres-Gomez

“Lucy is also known for having luminous skin so that’s what I highlighted. Of course, she’s a congresswoman so her look needs to be respectable. I just basically enhanced her radiant skin”.

Marian Rivera-Dantes

“Marian is a doll. She’s really beautiful. I also just enhanced her face, but I made sure it wasn’t too bare. She was dolled up but in a soft way”.

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