Emily Ratajkowski Shows Us How To Shut Down Body Shamers

Emily Ratajkowski With her gorgeous looks, one would think that Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t have to deal with internet trolls a day in her life. However, after the 26-year-old posted Instagram photos of herself enjoying the beach in a black bikini with the playful caption “When paps provide instagrams,” the negative comments started pouring in.

When paps provide instagrams ??

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Netizens commented how she looked unnaturally thin and how her ribs appeared to be protruding. Comments such as “What’s wrong with her ribcage? Sooo weird” and “I rlly hope girls don’t inspire to look like this, because this is absolutely unhealthy” started to pop up. But instead of firing back, the It model’s silence already says enough. A longtime supporter of body positivity, she has been showing us that if you’re comfortable in your own skin, you don’t need anyone else telling you how you should look.

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