Is Being ‘Too Skinny’ Really A Bad Thing? Here’s Why People are Body Shaming Kaia Gerber

Rising supermodel Kaia Gerber has recently been dominating the catwalks with her signature strut. In the days after her 16th birthday this September, the model was spotted in numerous shows, from her first-ever runway show at Calvin Klein to opening for Alexander Wang. Last Thursday, Gerber shared a photo of herself behind the scenes at Fendi’s Milan Fashion Week show, in which she wore an outfit that exposed her stomach. Rather than celebrating the fact that she was the show’s opening model, body-shaming trolls focused on her weight instead. Many of the comments on her Instagram photo called her “too thin” and having an “unhealthy” body type, making it unfair for those who looked up to her.

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  Gerber’s fans quickly came to her defense, claiming that her body type is naturally slender and that at 16, her body type is still developing. This is one thing that her fans got right–a “healthy” body type looks different on everyone. Whether you are naturally thin like Gerber or on the curvier side, health is a personal issue for everyone. Body-shaming, no matter what size, is never okay. We’re hoping the trolls had at least a small takeaway from this experience.

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