Brad Pitt’s GQ Spread Looks A Lot Like Harry Styles’s Previous Photo Shoot

Brad Pitt and Harry Styles After his divorce with Angelina Jolie, actor Brad Pitt returns to the scene and fronts GQ magazine’s latest cover, where he debuted a whole new side of himself–raw and intimate. While he looked great in almost every photo (if only we can see the outtakes too), what caught everyone’s attention is how it looks strangely similar to Harry Style’s spread for Another Man. Side-by-side photos of Styles and Pitt soon gone viral where they wore similar vests, and even had several similar shots too. Here they are both casually lying down. 1 A wide-landscape shot wherein they’re both looking into the distance. bradharry3 Another similar close-up while having an intimate, emotional moment. bradharry4 And of course, they had to wear matching Prada vests too. Brad Pitt and Harry Styles What else do their photo shoots have in common? Apparently, both were shot by the same photographer Ryan McGinley–this somehow explains the comparable feel of the photos. Was it a coincidence? To be fair, they both looked as stunning as ever in their photos, and at least the former sexiest man has this original pose on his spread. What do you think? bradpitt