Is Rihanna Launching Her Own Wine Company?

It’s no secret that Rihanna’s a wine connoisseur. The singer and makeup maven is constantly seen with a wine glass in hand, as if it’s a casual accessory. Since filing a trademark of ‘House of Fenty’, rumors have been circling around social media that Rihanna is opening a wine company. Twitter user @fentyy posted, “This is not a drill”, and he then attached a new trademark filing for “Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company”, which seemed to state Rihanna’s possible vineyard business venture.

Photo from GettyImages

While it all seems to be likely, sources claim that it was not Rihanna’s team that filed the application. Unlike most of the star’s existing trademark rights and pending requests, which are held by Roraj Trade, the new application was filed by JGC Global LLC. “It’s likely just another Fenty and not Rihanna who registered the name.” Fader states.

Although Food & Wine adds an interesting theory, saying that this may be just another cover-up for the launch of the business. “Of course, it’s not uncommon for a company to say that something is ‘totally untrue’ simply because information leaked too soon or was released in a way that doesn’t let the brand control the message. Is it possible that the business end of Fenty Wine would be operating through a different LLC than her other businesses? Sure.”

For now, RiRi’s wine business is still a dream for excited fans and spirited enthusiasts alike. However, this frenzy alone is enough to be a confirmation that people would subscribe to Rihanna’s venture if she ever decides to pursue diving into the wine business. One thing’s for sure: we’ll definitely be on the lookout for future Fenty endeavors. 

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