Is Your Current Beauty Routine Safe? This Genius App Will Tell You

GoodGuide App When it comes to shopping for skincare, beauty girls are a suspicious crew. After stressful experiences and misleading ads, it takes a while before a new product becomes a staple. The way we buy beauty now isn’t as simple as grabbing an unknown product (unless you’ve been lured by a pretty packaging). As these items come with a hefty price tag, it pays to do some serious research–whether it’s looking through online reviews, or asking your friend’s opinions. Luckily, all it takes to know if a product is worth the splurge is through scanning its bar code (yes, it’s that easy). GoodGuide App A genius app called the GoodGuide will let you in on what your beauty products are really made of. Since reading a product’s ingredients on its packaging only leave us feeling bored (and clueless), the app provides helpful information about the product, and it also gives out the effects of each ingredient on your skin. GoodGuide App Almost like Tinder (but not exactly), beauty items are rated by product and chemical information experts. The higher the rating, the better it is, health-wise. But if a product gets low ratings, it can also tell you which ingredients make it bad. The best part? It gives a full list of better alternatives. Although it currently has around 75,000 product reviews, it is yet to add more skincare items on the app. Who knows, your trusted beauty items might not be good for your skin after all? We’re calling it: this is the best beauty app we’ve seen so far.   In-article photos: GoodGuide | The Eco Hub | New York Times

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