It’s Hermèsistible!

Hermès’ latest creative endeavor, Hermèsistible, is a stroke of genius, you won’t be able to resist

by Sarah Santiago

hermesistible 2

Hermès, the apogee of French luxury, is diving deeper into the online world and claiming it with the birth of Hermèsistible. A new fr-adjective that describes the irrésistible side of the brand, Hermès’ latest creative endeavor will draw you in with tales of jewelry and accessories form their latest collection. We say tales because Hermèsistible is actually an illustrated dictionary of moods, an emotionary if you will, brought to life by the French label’s luxurious wares and modern technology.


Ever experienced a feeling of fleeting jealousy, gentle madness or an impulsive desire to pack your bags and just go? Jalousele, Follitude, Escapitude—Hermèsistible will help you articulate and discover a whole new range of emotions. Everyday life takes on new a meaning in these short and quirky stories made up of photographs, films or gifs. Hermès’ line of dreamy earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories in enamel, leather and wood take center stage of course, and they truly are Hermèsistible!

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