Janeena Chan: MEGAstyle.ph’s Most Beautiful Digital Influencer

most beautiful-invdividual-megastyle-megastyleph-janeena chan A glimpse of Janeena’s smiling eyes, red-smacked lips, and doll-like hair exudes a confidence of a woman with a lot in her head. Same goes with what she does nowadays: host events, model for various brands, and of course, produce shoots and write for her blog. She admits that she avoided the blogger label for a time but her online-folio-slash-blog demanded a piece of her mind. She writes about how beauty products work for her skin, she takes stunning photos of her travel destinations, and she makes sure her readers know which events she’s going to (read: hosting at) and which outfits she wears. Spell B-U-S-Y. That explains why she values personality on top of physical beauty. For her, the standard for a woman of beauty boils down to her personality. If she doesn’t have that, then what good of a woman is she? Like and share Janeena’s photo here!
Makeup by Jean Mercado of Bobbi Brown, hair by Donald Lapez for Cynos Inside Hair Care

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