Jennica Sanchez:’s Most Beautiful Digital Influencer

most beautiful-invdividual-megastyle-megastyleph-jennica sanchez copy-jennica sanchez

When fashionistas in the online world scroll through their Instagram feed, they see a girl with long, straight hair and a blank stare that arrests anyone who dares to look. Although her #OOTD photos and poses are a bit daring than usual and oozing of confidence, the 19-year old model found herself in her early days in high school bullied by her schoolmates. Revenge really is sweet–but her beauty was beyond revenge. She took that negativity in her life and turned it into positivity. Being fake and plastic has no space in her world because beauty is in someone’s realness. She aims to stick to that while shutting down her online naysayers with a smile and an emoji caption to boot.

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Makeup by Marlon Casaldan of Bobbi Brown, Hair by Rhoa Rose Curitana of Bench Fix

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