Kathryn Bernardo Reveals Her Night Beauty Routine


At the #CelebrateMEGAWithKathNiel launch, we got a chance to have a quick chat with the teen queen herself, and she tells us what she applies on her face before going to bed. We’re not surprised that Kathryn’s face has been looking healthy and glowy. Despite her tight schedule, she makes time for a proper skin care routine. So if you want to achieve a healthy looking glow, you might want to try these Kathryn-approved beauty tips.

1. Cleanse Your Face

This is definitely a no-brainer for every girl out there, and Kathryn swears by this routine! With several projects that she is working on, she cannot not wear makeup that’s why cleansing is a must. Make sure to wash away all the dirt and pollution accumulated during the day to avoid trapping any impurities.


2. Toner

To completely remove the dirt and make up that won’t budge with just water and soap, make sure to use a toner.


3. Moisturize 

Kathryn moisturizes her face every morning and evening to keep her face looking healthy.


4. Put on a face mask

At least once a week before going to bed, she puts on a face mask. Kathryn leaves it on her face for a while just to bring back the moisture her skin needs.


Her secret beauty tip?

“When putting on makeup, don’t try to change your face too much. Enhance your features but keep it light and natural!” shares Kathryn.

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