Kiss These 5 Beauty Trends Goodbye In 2018

While there are many beauty trends we have been obsessed with in 2017 (see: millennial pink makeup, leg reveal, “drunk” blush, and more here), there are a few crazy trends that we’re ready to ditch in 2018.

Read on to see what goes (and what stays)! 

1. The Crazy Brows

From squiggly, metallic, barbed wired to braided, 2017 was definitely a year of crazy brow trends on Instagram, and let’s be real: no one will ever go out sporting it. So what’s here to stay? Boy brows (AKA thick and lush arches). 


Barbed wire brow

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2. Harsh Contouring 

Let’s leave the highly contoured face to Kim K. If you haven’t caught on, the Spring 2018 beauty memo was all about the non-contouring. Faces were warmed up with just a hint of bronzer and contoured using blushes as seen at Valentino. 

Wanna see how @scottbarnes68 contours?!

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3. Faux Freckles 

While we love that freckles were widely celebrated in 2017, it’s time to put down the brown gel liners and to stop faking it already. The trend has been having its moment since 2014. 

4. Holographic Lips 

Yes, they’re magical to look at but it doesn’t feel like they’re going to stand the test of time. Swap it with iridescent, glossy lips instead. 

More colorful than your personality #holographicnails #holographiclips

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5. Extreme Highlight

Don’t get us wrong—we love a good highlight that can blind the haters. Glow is beautiful on all skins, but when it’s overly done and you’re shining in the wrong places, the result is simply unreal. But of course, if it makes your heart happy, you do you. 

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