Kris Jenner Proves That She Can Rock a Bikini Like Her Daughters

Kardashians Bikini The Kardashian sisters have never been shy about rocking bikinis whenever they go on beach trips. But recently, another member of the clan decided to show off her amazing body: their 61-year-old mother (and grandmother of six), Kris Jenner. Clearly, we know where these sisters got their curves from.

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On her personal Instagram account, Kris decided to share photos of her trip in the South of France with her boyfriend Corey Gamble. Meanwhile, her daughter Khloe decided to take matters in her own hands and posted a photo of her mother, which was presumably sent to her. In the photo, Kris was seen taking a mirror selfie in a cute, printed bikini. Khloe’s playful caption reads, “Kris Jenner looking like a snack! 👀 I see you mommy! #6KidsAndBad!”.

Kris Jenner looking like a snack! 👀 I see you mommy! #6KidsAndBad!

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Throughout the years, we’ve seen how this family supports each other, and Khloe cheering on her mother’s bikini photo showed us how proud they are of her. No matter how old you are, confidence definitely brings something fresh to the table.   In-article photos: Cosmopolitan | Pinterest

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