Laureen Uy:’s Most Beautiful Digital Influencer

most beautiful-invdividual-megastyle-megastyleph-laureen uy

Style bloggers are contemporary celebrities, and rightfully so. These sought-after digital mavens demonstrate the importance of consolidating a personal brand in an age where social media platforms have become the most powerful media to communicate information and furthermore, build an eager audience.

Laureen Uy, the creative mind behind Break My Style, is already a household name with loyal readers on a global scale having also engaged in the overwhelming, often ruthless world of entertainment, which also contributed to her heavily diverse following.

Her humor, candor and humility make her even more endearing. One forgets that the morena beauty remains one of the most influential names in the fashion industry. For Laureen, there is nothing more beautiful than a happy woman. Exuding confidence by unceasingly embracing one’s flaws and flaunting one’s assets has the ability to change one’s perspective.

Makeup Pia Reyes using MAC Cosmetics, Hair Vien Nueva 

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