Let’s Talk About Euron Greyjoy’s Rick Owens-Inspired Outfit on GoT

*Warning: contains spoilers of Game of Thrones.  p-1-makeover-that-Euron-Greyjoy Unless you’ve been out of touch with the world, you’ll know that Game of Thrones just premiered its seventh season and we’re absolutely buzzing to see all the regal outfits this time around. Pilou Asbaek, who plays resident dirtbag and bad uncle Euron Greyjoy, got the most badass makeover in the first episode entitled “Dragonstone”, after appearing last season looking fashionally-challenged in dull garments as he antagonizes everyone in the Iron Islands. Costume designer Michele Clapton revamps his look with a Rick Owens-inspired all-black, and almost all-leather outfit. i-1-makeover-that-Euron-Greyjoy Euron makes his way to King’s Landing to seek the hand of newly and self-appointed queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister, in exchange for the support of his 1,000 ships. Fresh from death and fresh from murdering his brother, Euron sports his best grunge look in a sleek embroidered moto jacket with tassels at the end of the sleeve. Rick Owens–the inspiration for this look–is known for his inimitable design that’s centered on black, textured, and heavily-layered drapey creations. The current Iron Islands ruler’s goth garb is widely-discussed on the internet and it was turned into a meme with fashion critics likening his medieval bad boy ensemble. Michele Clapton explains that she didn’t actually know that the look would garner so much attention. “I get an idea, I talk with the actor and the writers, and it develops from there. People will make what they will of it, but we wanted swagger. I loved the slashed star shapes that we made. It’s supposed to represent the type of guy that obviously has issues”. The look is definitely expressive of his unpleasant personality and his boldness. And we’re sure to see more of these stately clothes in the upcoming season’s episodes, including majestic couture gowns from Daenerys Targaryen who’s just making her way to claim the throne. Call Euron whatever name you want (he deserves all the name-calling, after all) but you can’t deny that these new threads he just brought to the South of Westeros are on fire.  

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