63-Year Old Fashion Blogger Talks About 5 Timeless Life and Style Lessons

Who says women in their 60’s can’t be fun and experimental with fashion? Fashion blogger, university professor, and social worker Lyn Slater puts our preconceived notions of older women to shame, as she proves through her stylish looks that age is nothing but a number. Scrolling through her Instagram page and blog will give you snaps of herself in the latest runway looks–she proved to be more daring than most of us. Her Instagram account, @iconaccidental, and her blog, Accidental Icon, are very self-explanatory. She came up with the name of her social media persona after she met a friend in a fashion show and was suddenly bombarded by flashing cameras. “I was surrounded by fashion photographers taking my picture, thinking I was some fashion person. It was all very accidental,” she shared with Huffington Post. What followed after people started noticing her was the blog, where Slater wrote about street style, emerging designers, and fashion news in general. Obviously, this is a woman who lives and breathes fashion. When it comes to her personal style, she does whatever she pleases. “Age is not a variable I consider when I am dressing,” she shares, adding, “I think it is quite wonderful that the boundaries in fashion are loosening.” True to her word, Slater is pushing fashion boundaries. Here are some of our favorite looks:  

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