How To Look Good While Sweating It Out

Because you never know who you might run into
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We like going to the gym and a good sweat-out session (anybody ever tried Jiu Jitsu?). What we don’t like is looking like a hot mess while doing cardio or yoga (sign up for a free trial session here) because, seriously, you never know who you might run into (i.e., your boss, ex, crush, et al). Besides, people who make an effort to look their best whether to do groceries or run in a marathon reap the benefits.

  1. Keep Hair Away From Your Face

Whoever said working out with your hair down (unless you have a short bob) is sexy lied. It also gives the impression that you’re not serious about your workout. Here are some hairstlye ideas that will keep you focused on the game


Braided Ponytail

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Messy Top Knot

Top knot 2

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Tuck and Pin Behind The Ears

Short bob 3

Short hair 2 

Rock A Turban


*Ideal for short and long hair styles

  1. Invest In Easy and Breathable Makeup

Not everyone is blessed with porcelain skin so we think it’s perfectly okay to want to wear a little makeup at the gym.



Try Happy Skin Second Skin Cream (P1,199); it’s breathable, sun-safe, silicone-free (which means it doesn’t clog pores) and ultra-lightweight. It’s like it was designed to be worn to the gym. We’re also in love with Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield CCCover SPF50 PA +++ (P2,100),  which keeps skin fresh, luminous and protected from environmental aggressors.  With regular use, skin becomes fairer and more radiant, too.

UV Expert Natural Nude, 2,100 php


Laura Mercier Color Dots Lip and Cheek Sheers is the modern version of the lip and cheek tint we all obsessed about in high school. This multitasking solid blush comes in an automatic crayon form and glides on skin and blends easily. It gives just a wash of color, thr right amount of glow and has a flawless see-through finish.

Laura Mercier


While we want to tell you to wear waterproof mascara, it’s still best not to wear eye makeup when spinning or trying out the latest fitness craze. We suggest curling your lashes (the right way) and applying clear mascara instead.

  1. Sport Athleticwear With Style and Functionality

Classic sportswear brands, like Nike and Adidas will never get old. But modern times call for new and different things; things that offer the same functionality, but different style. We found just that in Uniqlo Sports. They offer DRY EX and AIRism products that use special materials and designs to help fitness fans perform their best without compromising their aesthetic. The best part? You can wear Uniqlo Sports outside the gym, too.

Uniqlo Sports

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