LOOK: What To Expect From MEGA’s First Fashion Films

Over on Instagram, we gave away sneak peeks of Gabbi Garcia’s MEGA Fashion Film shoot that was set in Paris, France. The stunning Parisian landscape brought the young beauty to tears, and it came as no surprise as she was in such a majestic place. If these are any evidence of what’s to come, it’s hard not to feel ecstatic about the upcoming films.

“The overall goal was to turn fashion into a reality, but only this time, it’s moving. We wanted to communicate an emotion and give the feel of the clothes because that is the real purpose of this film, and Gabbi projected it so well,” explains MEGAstyle’s Editor-In-Chief Rain Dagala. Now, the wait is finally over as these sartorial films will be unveiled at the launch of the MEGA Fashion Week. The best part? It’s not just Gabbi who will star in the scenes as she’s also joined by the industry’s most influential celebrities. 


Set in the Champagne Room at the Manila Hotel, Kathryn looked radiant throughout her scenes. The star was even collaborative during the shoot as she recommended certain areas in the room that would look great for the shots. 



John Lloyd was perfect for the cool, laid-back streets of Lisbon, Portugal. According to director Petersen Vargas, he wanted the overall feel of the film to be meditative and peaceful.  


MEGA’s September cover star Elisse Joson stuns in the majestic land of Cappadocia wearing dramatic numbers by Rajo Laurel. Of course, McCoy De Leon was present in her film. In fact, it was a collaborative effort between the two as they helped each other bring out an emotion for the scenes–showing us what a dynamic duo they truly are.


It was a transformative moment for Nadine as she switched from her usual cool-girl style to a vampy, avant-garde look. The star wore a dark black and red ensemble by John Herrera, which was adorned with tulle for that romantic touch. 


Portugal’s Algarve Beach is known for its fickle weather, but despite having to endure both the warmest and coldest temperatures, Janella remained professional. She dramatically danced along the beach wearing Francis Libiran. 


Maja Salvador brought the heat in her sartorial film. “If I had one word to describe the experience and what to watch out for, it would be intense. We played around on how she would dance together with the G-Force,” shares director Vargas.

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