Looking for Something to Binge-Watch? Here are 2017’s Best TV Shows

In need of some time to unwind with a new series? Here are the most talked-about shows this 2017:

1. This is Us

After being a hit in 2016 with its heartbreaking episodes, NBC’s family drama grew even stronger after its winter break. The episodes focused on Sterling K. Brown’s Randall and his nervous breakdown as he deals with his terminally-ill biological father. We also started to see the cracks in the seemingly-perfect marriage of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore).


2. Riverdale

Based on our previous articles, it is a known fact that we’re already fans of this series. Labeled as a mix of Gossip Girl and Twin Peaks, the show’s darker twist to the Archie series definitely drew in a lot of fans. Instead of merely focusing on high school issues, the first season’s plot revolves around the death of a wealthy local teenager.

3. Master of None

Brought to you by Netflix, Aziz Ansari’s charming, semi-autobiographical comedy show will leave you feeling a lot of feelings. Each episode tends to focus on an issue millennials face–from coming out to your family to a chronicle of rather unsuccessful Tinder dates–and will leave you with a fresh new insight.


4. The Bold Type

Considered as one of summer’s most unexpected favorites, The Bold Type centers on three young women who are fighting to establish themselves in the magazine publishing industry. The show is said to be a breath of fresh air by avoiding the typical “frenemy” formula and exploring topics such as sex and politics.

5. Little Big Lies

Co-produced by stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, HBO’s high-pedigree miniseries was expected to feature mainly murder mystery and catty satire. But as the show progressed, viewers got to know the characters on a deeper level, with Witherspoon’s character as the queen bee struggling for control, Kidman as the best friend whose picture perfect life to many is actually an abusive marriage, and Shailene Woodley as the new mom in town running from a trauma in her past.

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