Luxe List: This 90s Bag Style Is Making A Chic Return

On errand-filled days, don’t restrict your bag options to your go-to tote bag or a tiny crossbody purse. There’s a fashion-forward style in town that you might have been missing out on: the Fanny pack. Call it the fanny pack, belt bag, or the bum bag, this hip-hugging accessory is making a comeback from the 90s, lead by style maven Kendall Jenner, no less. Stepping out on the streets in a mom jeans and fanny pack combo or in a ruffled romper with a bigger version of the belt bag by Louis Vuitton, the It model proves that it’s not only the perfect bag for festival-goers. The itty-bitty purse hanging lowly by your waist allows you to move around on busy or even chill days when you want to give your arms a break. Wear the belt bag with an oversized dress to cinch your waist, which will accentuate your figure, or you can go for the classic mom jeans combo à la Kendall Jenner. Clearly, it’s a convenient way to make a sartorial statement. bag

1. GG Marmont matelasse leather belt bag, PHP 50,400, Gucci | 2. Waist Bag, Chanel

In-article images: In Style

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