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Style Bunker May 2017: Jake Cuenca

A person can do all things if they will it. Combine that with pure dedication and you get someone like Jake Cuenca. A triple threat in his own right, he has titles of actor, model, and most recently triathlete tucked earnestly under his belt, but he wouldn’t say he’s aced it all just yet. Jake […]

By The MEGAstyle Team | May 24, 2017


This month, MEGA explores rhythm and movement in all forms. From the literal in sinuous drapes and fancy fringe, to something more personal as the push and pull of fashion and beauty opinions, we cover all bases to thrust you forward. Fronting the issue, Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre) takes us on a trip unlike any other. […]

By Deiniel Cuvin | May 1, 2017

MEGAstyle Webzine April 2017: Kiana Valenciano

It’s funny how a stroke of luck can put you in a predicament that’s both too easy and too difficult–you’ve got an advantage, but when the going gets tough, you can’t complain. Being the daughter of Mr. Pure Energy must’ve opened a lot of doors, but we can only imagine the pressure it puts on […]

By Iris Lee | April 11, 2017

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MEGAStyle Webzine March 2017: Issa Pressman

Especially in the entertainment business, it’s quite rare to meet anyone who displays wisdom beyond their years. Issa Pressman enters the studio with a beaming smile, barefaced in Harry Potter specs, hair undone. Already, she seems too sure of herself to be only 19. She’s still a typical millennial in that she’s eager to dip […]

By Iris Lee | April 4, 2017


  The MEGA April Issue: Now, let’s talk body, shall we?By now you’re already racing against time to clock in hours at the gym (or yoga studio) just so you can shave off a few extra pounds to sport a sensual swimsuit. You probably even went the extra mile and induced a non-invasive treatment to […]

By Deiniel Cuvin | April 1, 2017

Style Bunker March 2017: Kirst Viray

If you were stuck in a deserted island and had to choose one person to be stranded with, you’d probably ship yourself with island stud Kirst Viray. The 26-year-old model calls the islands of Pangasinan home and is one of Manila’s freshest faces to watch out for. Signed with one of the Philippines’ top agencies, […]

By Louise Sicat | March 6, 2017