Makeup Challenge: A Pro Beauty Look with Ever Bilena

Is a professional beauty look possible through drugstore makeup brand Ever Bilena? We put makeup artist Richmond to the test! We chose fair-skinned model Iya for this Ever Bilena Day Makeup challenge because the range of EB foundations and powders available suit her skin color. Before we get things started, we’d like to clarify that no photos used in this post were digitally altered so results are 100% real. 🙂 FOUNDATION AND POWDER Richmond used the Ever Bilena Advanced Shine Free Makeup Foundation to conceal the blemishes. The foundation wasn’t used for over-all coverage. He applied more layers in darker areas like under the eye and around the nose and mouth. foundation2 Richmond then mattified Iya’s face using the foundation powder. “Never apply the powder with a wet sponge or brush. It will cake and crumble! Use a dry brush / powder puff to set your liquid foundation,” Richmond shared. He then contoured using a darker shade of the Ever Bilena Foundation Powder. foundation3 EYE SHADOW AND EYEBROWS “Ever Bilena eye shadows are versatile, you can mix eye shadows to achieve a desired color or shade. If you want a more intense color, wet the brush before applying the eye shadow.”  It also helps to moisturize the eye lid before applying the shadow to make sure the powder sticks to the skin. Richmond started with a white shade for the base. He applied up to the brow bone to achieve a highlight. eyeshadow He then created a crease using a brown shade from the Ever Bilena Eye Shadow Duos palette. eyeshadow1 To substitute an eyeliner, he used the black eyeshadow from the Ever Bilena Eye Shadow Duos palette and wet the eyeliner brush to create a smooth and dark line. eyeshadow2 “You can use dark and medium brown eye shadows to define eyebrows.” Richmond mixed a hint of black and brown to create a brow that matched Iya’s hair. eyebrow He then used the Ever Bilena mascara in Brown as a eyebrow fixers. eyebrow1 Using the Ever Bilena eye lash curler and mascara in black, he curled and applied layers of mascara for great natural lashes. eyelash Before using the Ever Bilena blush powder in Raisin, Richmond used a rose colored lipstick as a cream blush for a natural pink glow. He then mattified and added a little more color with the blush powder. He worked the blush up towards the temple to create contour. blush LIPSTICK To top off the day look, he used the Ever Bilena Extreme lipstick in Baby Pink. lipstick BEFORE AND AFTER done Playing with more Ever Bilena eyeshadow colors available, Richmond also created a great night time look for Iya. What do you think? done1 Thank you, Richmond Rondolo for taking on our Makeup Challenge for this month! We’re on the lookout for the next makeup artist ready to take on next month’s challenge. Tweet us today @megastyleph or leave a comment below with a link to your portfolio. richmond ~ Model: Iya Consengco Shoot Director: Tin Lagula Photography by Jerick Sanchez of Studio100

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