Manila Fashion Festival 2014: Trendspotting

The Manila Fashion Festival was a whirlwind of wardrobe wishes where every piece that floated down the runway was just another reason to buy a new house for the sole purpose of having a new closet. The event was held in the Green Sun Building in Pasong Tamo and ran from November 11-13. As the days progressed, it came as no surprise that the collection of every designer was a testament to sophistication and flawless talent. Today, we break down the top 5 trends that we could not get enough of! manila-fashion-festival-trendspotting-2slits Wearing a slit skirt is a sure way to spice up an outfit. This trend took things up a notch and made the room hotter (figuratively) than it already was. If you plan to wear this look, make sure to always play with proportions. Since you are revealing your two limbs, make sure you are leaving more to the imagination everywhere else. manila-fashion-festival-trendspotting-cut-out Someone call the doctor because some of these designers went a little scissor crazy but hey, we’re not complaining. If that’s what it takes to create an ultra chic look then by all means, cut away. We love this trend but there is a fine line between sexy and soul baring. Just be keen on how much is too much. manila-fashion-festival-trendspotting-red The color red usually means to take heed but there is nothing cautious about these looks! We loved all the rouge that shashayed down the catwalk last week and instead of saying stop, we say, “Go! Go! Go!” This look is bold enough in itself so there is no reason to go overboard by overwhelming your outfit with too much accessories or makeup. manila-fashion-festival-trendspotting-sheer Call it sheer luck but we put all the blame on the genius minds of these designers to come up with looks that were just pure perfection. When wearing this trend, light colors usually play it down with dainty lace. But, if you are going for a bolder look, dark colors will always make whatever statement you’re trying to say stronger. manila-fashion-festival-trendspotting-white   This trend is always in season no matter what year or decade you’re in. Take togas from the Romans for example. If white worked for royalty back then, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work now.   Art by: Patricia Co Written and compiled by: Francesca Atendido manila-fashion-festival-spring-summer-2015-complete-photos-leaderboard  

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