This Korean Brow Trend Can Easily Transform Your Look

After perfecting our arched brows for years, there’s finally an emerging brow trend that’s a lot more casual-looking. Straight from Koreans—our go-to beauty pegs for fresh looks—boy brows is the latest trend that’s taking over our Instagram feeds. It’s basically arch-free (which means it’s less the hassle), full, and straight.


Obsessing over this gorgeously glowing look on @iamamyjackson by the ever talented @nikki_makeup ?♥️. #Inspo #Highlighter #BrushedUpBrows #Brows

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Pearlescent ⚪️ (dress by @itscamilleco #coexistbycamilleco for #InfluenceAsia2017)

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This brow style has been around for a while, but it’s recently gaining everyone’s full attention. Unlike the classic arched style which can sometimes come off as too strong, straight boy brows brings a youthful vibe to the face. It may feel daunting to try, but taking the plunge can easily transform your look–after all, your eyes are probably too used to seeing those perfected arches.

Just take it from Kendall Jenner below. P.S. Before heading to the salon (we recommend Benefit Cosmetic’s brow service), you can give it a test-drive first by creating an outline of straight brows using a brow pencil.



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Here’s how you can achieve the look: