Mega April

The MEGA April Issue: Now, let’s talk body, shall we?By now you’re already racing against time to clock in hours at the gym (or yoga studio) just so you can shave off a few extra pounds to sport a sensual swimsuit. You probably even went the extra mile and induced a non-invasive treatment to take a few centimeters off that persistent pouch in the gut. Heck, you might have even taken to healthier food options just so you can bare enough when you hit your summer sojourn.Where page after page of this issue brims of sunshine, sea and sand, we also explore the season’s hottest focus—the body. And who better front this month’s offering than the sizzling and scintillating Coleen Garcia. As she sets out into the new chapters of her life, she reveals her best self yet, a woman of her own accord—thinking, feeling and well, confident in her own skin.There is no right or wrong way to hit the summer. Whether it’s fresh takes on classic florals and nautica, the latest hits of juicy scents and neon lips or even your summer appetite, it sure looks like a hip, happening and banging summer. We’re raring and ready to face the sun head on—with sunscreen, of course. So should you. This digital cover is exclusive for download on Magzter.

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