MEGA December 2015: Claudine Barretto

  •MEGA_2015DEC_COVER.indd There is nothing more inspiring than a redemption story or a storied comeback. We couldn’t find a better way to end the year than with a story of reclamation and the luxury of second chances by one of the industry’s most beautiful and talented stars, Claudine Barretto. Calm, assured and more confident than ever, this is the woman we’ve come to love and admire even more. We also walk you through the finer things in fashion, beauty and lifestyle with our curated picks, tips and stories that shed light on a new luxury. Luxury has become more than just the It-bag, the hottest makeup trend or the most talked about issue; it is the experience and memory derived that take it from typical to special. In the season of cheer and giving, that is all the luxury that matters. Happy holidays everyone!

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