MEGA Fashion Week S/S ’18: John Herrera’s ‘Armada’

A proud MEGA baby, John Herrera reminisces on his milestones as a designer and how MEGA has always been there to hold his hand and give him the reassurance he needed.

While he may have lost his first ever design competition in 2004, he did not let this dampen his spirit. Instead, he pushed on and furthered his craft to greater heights. And finally, in 2013, he won the MEGA YDC All-Stars for the House of Herrera together with his late brother, Paul. John shares that the magazine’s constant support reassured him that there is a place for him and his point-of-view in the country. The biggest honor yet, according to him, is to be part of MEGA’s biggest endeavor yet, #MegaFashionWeekSS18.

For his 28-piece collection entitled Armada, John candidly shares that it all started with a world map— the map that was created by Diogo Ribeiro in 1529. This is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill map as this particular tool of navigation was the first to feature the Philippines as part of the world, labeling it as Las Islas Filipinas. It was the perfect springboard for John as he drew his inspirations from it, emphasizing that he is very visual and emulates what he sees. The map lines became the grid for his designs as parts of the map were blown up to be digitally printed on billowing sheer skirts and silhouettes that are the antithetical of a flat map or the shape of a globe.

John Herrera is naturally predisposed to making statements, with powerful tailored blazers, embellished exaggerated corsets, and tiered dresses in his signature optic prints, this fashion journey charts a movement that is foreboding with a dark, moody romance, proving that he definitely designs for the woman who isn’t afraid to be seen and most importantly, remembered.

Special thanks to Cole Haan and VIVO for their VIVO V7+ phones that provided the clearest shots of all the latest happenings at MEGA Fashion Week. Follow @megastyleph on Twitter and Instagram for more LIVE updates!

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