MEGA Man Magazine December 2014: Apl.De.Ap

Coming from humble beginnings, Allan Pineda Lindo or as most of us know him is a Filipino-American R&B artist, and record-producer who silently made his dreams come true in the international scene as a prominent member of Black Eyed Peas. After attaining international success he paid homage to his Filipino roots by producing the hit Bebot. More than his love for music, Apl also engages in philanthropic pursuits thus the inception of Foundation. He is truly a man of pure talent and substance and that makes him our Man Of The Year! He now joins us in the second season of The Voice of the Philippines, where he shows us the carinoso in him by charming his way to the hearts of his team members. He makes sure that each episode is an episode to be remembered because of his pickup lines which certainly puts a lighter spin to the usual selection process of the show. More than his charms and wit, is an inspiration to everyone who wants to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life both here and abroad. lived the American dream and he is certainly on the look-out for the next global Filipino talent! This month on MEGA Man, we don’t just go beyond borders, we also go beyond luxury! Explore the roads and possibilities by moving like no other with the new Yamaha Tricity! Go over the fences by venturing into the unknown with plaid, tartan, white and sherling. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year because we’ve got you covered in all things luxury for the modern stylish gents in the December issue of MEGA Man. Grab your copy now! #AplDeApforMEGAMan Apl de Ap
  • Photography: Enzo Mondejar, Santy Calalay (assistant)
  • Art Director: Angelo Ramirez De Cartagena and Kit Singson
  • Stylist: Anna Kim and Bang Pineda
  • Make-Up: Don De Jesus from Mac Cosmetics, Jay Aquino (assistant)
  • Sittings Editors: Sarah Santiago

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