MEGA Magazine January 2014: Megan Young

There is nothing greater than beauty that goes beyond the physical and encapsulates a woman’s entire being. As the time worn saying goes, true beauty is one that comes from within, one with a purpose. This year we are taking charge – in all aspects. Heralding beauty with a purpose and taking charge is none other than Miss World 2013 herself, Megan Young. In this issue we peel away the many layers of her endearing personality, revealing a true woman of the world. Fashion is undaunted in 2014 as we present another side of industry stalwarts. In the guise of reinvention, they show us that there is something to gain from exploring new fashion frontiers. Accompanying this is our bi-annual Best In Show from the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week S/S ’14. Rounding up the stories is a revelation in the luxurious gold. Exude romance and grace in the season’s floral scents. From saccharine notes to a fuller and well-rounded scent experience, we give you the top scents you should have in the year that has come upon us. From a feminine flair, make a boyish turn where mannish appeal is the de rigueur in the world of beauty. Speaking of domination, we list down ways how you, the woman, can dominate in 2014. It isn’t as complicated or daunting as you think. And on a more serious note, we expose the ugly truth in the way typhoon Yolanda was handled by the media. You will want to read this. Beauty is far more than a pretty, symmetrical face. It is a summation of experiences and an underlying strength that will take charge in the new year. You are that strong, beautiful woman. Now go ahead, live that purpose. megan-bts-link Megan Young
  • Photography: JC Cerilla
  • Art Director: Kit Singson
  • Creative Director:
  • Stylist: Patrick Galang
  • Assistant Stylist: Jef Fronda
  • Hair: John Valle
  • Make-Up: Albert Kurniawan
  • Sittings Editors: Sarah Santiago
  • Shot on Location: Sofitel

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