MEGA Magazine January 2015: Sarah Geronimo

Let’s go beyond the facets of stardom, glitz, and glamour as Sarah Geronimo starts the year right with a fresh and dreamy cover! Truly there is no way but onwards and upwards this 2015 as the real Pop Princess finally finds her true voice, and it is louder than ever as it makes wave after wave amounting to her supreme success.  In spite of her being a household name in the local show business industry, Sarah remains to be one of the nicest, most respectful, and most genuine person on and off the camera. As she treads on lightly her celebrity status, somewhere along the way she came into her own as a young woman, welcoming the possibilities of a new found confidence. Part of this maturity is the courage she possesses as one of the coaches – and the youngest, may I add.  Read on more about her feature as she lets us in on the challenge of being seated in the famous red chair of the hit TV show, The Voice of the Philippines. Learn more about Sarah Geronimo this month, and how to not lose your breath in a fashion moment with clean cuts, fun flares, and tailored tendencies. Go bold in a staring game with anti-cat eye, metallic, and mermaid eyes.  Start your 2015 in a refreshing tone with MEGA’s January issue. Grab a copy now! Mega--January-2015-Sarah-Geronimo-hashtag Sarah Geronimo

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