MEGA Man February 2015: Coco Martin

Let us take you deeper in art haven as we shot one of today’s highly-sought after leading man, Coco Martin. Far from what we know, Coco has a deep appreciate for art. Having discovered his knack for  performance art, his remarkable portrayals is distinct to every role he is given which makes him the best at what he does. This month, we are celebrating more than just our anniversary but also the freedom to express and share our opinions freely to the community. Get to know more about Coco Martin and his interests, and bask yourself in reading this month’s top picks for gents. January 2015 hashtag-2 Coco Martin
  • Photography: Raymund Isaac
  • Art Director: Kit Singson
  • Stylist: Angelo Ramirez De Cartagena
  • Hair: Jason Concepcion
  • Shot on Location: Galleria Duemila, Manila

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