Mega Man January 2016: Enrique Gil

MEGA MAN JAN 2016_Enrique Gil Welcome to a new year. More than a chance to begin again, this brings about possibilities and promises that ought to be seriously considered. This is your year after all. Here we go. Cool, calm and chock full of fun and energy, Enrique Gil fronts our January 2016 issue. A far cry from the young man we met over two years ago, he becomes his own again as an assured and confident man with so much more to show and tell. Also in this issue is our style and grooming resolutes—polka dots, corduroy, shades of green, woodworks and an extensive take on moisturizing—guaranteed to make you look your very best from this point on forward. Time to air out your wardrobe and grooming counters for subtle changes that are meant to maximize your potential.  

Photography Rxandy Capinpin (@rxandy)

Creative direction Suki Salvador (@sukisalvador)

Art direction Jann Pascua (@jannpascua)

Styling and text Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena (@angelordecartagena)

Grooming Manuel Majarucon

Production design Tipping Point Collective (@tippingpointcollective)

Shoot coordinator Genalli Francisco (@genalli)

  This Mega Man issue is an insert in the MEGA Magazine January 2016 issue featuring Liza Soberano. It’s now on newsstands and is available for download via the MEGA Magazine app on the App Store and Google Play.   Connect with! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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