Mega Man March 2016: Luis Manzano


Is it just us or are we feeling particularly lucky this month of March?
There may be a cosmic alignment of some sort or it could very well be because of a genuinely good guy fronting this month’s cover. With the latest drops from classic brand Dockers on his back, Luis Manzano reveals the strides he’s had to take in his career and why he is forever grateful to his parents. He is after all playfully known as (still) Lucky.

Just like our counterparts at MEGA, we join in on their efforts to honor and celebrate the very being and essence of the woman. This month we meet the creative minds behind some of menswear’s favorite brands as well as a grooming prescription straight from the ladies. Finally, we take a study of juxtapositions as we pair the classic military with the movement of dance.
There is a lot to learn this month from style, grooming and even lifestyle, all in the hopes of making you like yourself more. There is no better time to claim that luck of yours and use it to your advantage than now.

Photography Shaira Luna (At East Jed Root)

Creative direction Suki Salvador

Art direction Jann Pascua

Styling and text Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena

Grooming Peps Silvestre

Shoot coordination Genalli Francisco

This Mega Man issue is an insert in the MEGA Magazine March 2016 issue featuring Heart Evangelista-Escudero. It’s now on newsstands and is available for download via the MEGA Magazine app on the App Store and Google Play. Connect with! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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