Mega Man May 2016: Gino Quillamor, Chris Schneider and Sam YG


This insane and delirium-inducing heat aside, what drives a man to a point of obsession?

In the merry month of May we uncover several truths on what drives our gears insane. Is it an obscene love of the self, being particular to every strand of your hair or an unapologetic appreciation for bold stripes, silk bomber jackets or the color yellow?

Three fine men come together for the first time to collectively give a voice to the obsession of their generation. Svenson’s Gino Quillamor, Chris Schneider and Sam YG debunk any negative connotation to whatever drives their individual obsessions as well as sheds a brave new light on the oft-talked about topic of hair loss. With truths in hand, the voices finally tell all. Whatever tips you over to the point of obsession, we are here to assure you that to some degree, it is okay—healthy even. So, what drives you crazy?

The May issue of #MEGAmanMagazine will soon be available at your favorite newsstands or download the E-magazine by tapping the link in our bio.

Photography Cyrus Panganiban

Text Sam del Mundo

Art Direction Jann Pascua

Styling and Additional Text Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena

Makeup Don de Jesus, Byron Velasquez and Angel Manhilot for MAC Cosmetics

Hair Aries Manal, Mong Amado and Jay Anne Aguirre

Shoot Coordination Genalli Francisco

This Mega Man issue is an insert in the MEGA Magazine May 2016 issue featuring Sandara Park. It is now on newsstands and is available for download via the MEGA Magazine app on the App Store and Google Play.

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