MEGA MAN October 2013: Tom Rodriguez

The times have changed and courage is the new movement. MEGA Man gets a brave new face this October in none other than the man of the moment – Tom Rodriguez. A fairly new fixture in the business of entertainment, he is up front and center as he takes on a role many do not even dare portray. In the highly successful and much talked about My Husband’s Lover, Tom is a gay man struggling with his identity and his true love but in real life, he is a self-confessed nerd who seems to say all the right things. And that is why we hail him the bravest of the lot. Every day wear gets a comfortable and athletic update as scuba and baseball inspired fashion makes a serious game play outside the courts. We take you to greater heights in High Altitude where the modern gentleman meets the rugged guy from the Alps. Take note of our 6 winning grooming tips that will help you make a score – if you know what we mean. It is very clear at this point, we want you to be fearless in just about everything you do. There is no other time to do so than NOW. Tom Rodriguez
  • Art Director: Mica Santos
  • Creative Director: Suki Salvador
  • Stylist: Patrick Galang
  • Sittings Editors: Meryll Yan I Text by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena I Shoot coordinator: Genalli Francisco

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