MEGA Man December 2015: Richard Gomez and Rafael Nadal

  •MEGAMAN_2015DEC_COVER[RichardGomez].indd The holidays are rolling by quickly and the 2015 is soon coming to a close. So MEGA Man chose to celebrate the festivities not with a bang by putting outstanding men on the covers. Who else can wrap up a really awesome year but a man who has not had great success but also weathered many defeats in his lifetime? No one else comes to mind but the indefatigable Richard Gomez who shows no signs of slowing down, even taking on greater challenges in show business and politics. Get to know the man as the candidate, in what could be one of his major undertakings in life. Also in this issue is an exclusive one-on-one with the face of TH Bold and the King of Clay himself, Rafael Nadal. We then round up style picks that will take you from the holidays and seasons after. Take courage and command attention in shades of purple, oversized outerwear and head-to-toe knitwear. There is no other way to it, it’s high time to go bold and make things count—before it’s too late. •MEGAMAN_2015DEC_COVER[RafaNadal].indd

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