MEGA Man October 2015: Manny Pacquiao

It may be hard to believe but men, too, struggle with age. From physical manifestations to introspections, we have long tried to deal with the preconceived notions that come along with numbers piling in. Get the lowdown on how to act your age as we dissect the difference between arrogance and confidence. Also, take your cue from our grooming pages where we find out how technology will help us not look our (real) age. For the more conservative, we have our style pages where we urge you to try new trends—dusty blues, bold stripes and the return of the suit. In our annual men of style awards, we partner with H&M to round up the gents who are leaders and visionaries in their respective fields. Sparking a conversation that goes beyond fashion, these men are the ones we should starting taking notes from. And finally, we score a knockout with pinning down the elusive Manny Pacquiao to front this month’s issue. Hailed as our Man of the Year, get to know the hero and legend beyond the storied highs and lows and fame and fortune. This is The Pacman like you’ve never seen him before. This month, MEGA Man smashes all these conceptions on age and more in our take on the hush-hush issue on age.

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