Mega Man Stories September 2014: Matteo Guidicelli

We just can’t get enough of our MEGA Man for the month of September, Matteo Guidicelli!

In his MEGA Story, Matteo dishes on how it all began. From having dreams of becoming the first Filipino race car driver to compete in the Formula One, he tells us what made him decide to completely shift gears and take up musical theater instead. Finally, the world of show business accepted our MEGA Man with open arms, and everything changed from there.

Discovering that nothing ever comes easy was something that Matteo experienced along the way when he was just starting out, but he would not be what he is now if it were not for them. What’s keeping him at his happiest these days? Ironically, it’s also what’s giving him the most challenge–something that’s pushing him to fight until the end. Find out what it is by watching Matteo Guidicelli’s MEGA Story.

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