• MEGA March
While some of us look at youth wistfully with fond nostalgia, there throbs a buzzing energy from those who are actually living out their youth. A reminder of what once was for most, the youth reminds us of that give-it-your-all, fall-hard-and-hit-a-ditch period of time that made us go bonkers. After all, this was the time we ran ourselves to the ground, sans hesitations and safety nets. Or as the kids these days call it, #YOLO. This month, we encapsulate and recreate the ease and earnestness of youth, with flashes of searing hyper brights, remixed florals and a forthright downtown cool girl vibe. Fashion, beauty and features take heed from the young’uns as the pages get filled with everything that is new, now and next. Stepping up as the voice of the Gen Z, Ylona Garcia (@ylonagarcia) reveals a sense of refinement and wisdom that is well beyond her years. The youngest (so far) to front the cover, she bears the flag of the future and waves it proud as if saying, the future has come. It is forthright to realize that not only are the kids alright but that the future is in good hands. We taught them well, now we let them lead the way. Photography DOOKIE DUCAY Text ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA Art direction JANN PASCUA Assisted by TANYA MALLILLIN Styling JEB FRONDA Assisted by CESSI TREÑAS Beauty direction TRINA EPILEPSIA-BOUTAIN Makeup LALA FLORES Hair ETHAN DAVID Nailcare Klinec Nail and Body Spa Sittings editor PEEWEE REYES-ISIDRO Shoot coordinator JUSTINE NIDO Shoot assistant JAY ANNE AGUIRRE Special thanks to Star Magic Shot on location at Swatch & Swatch building #CelebrateMega25 #CelebrateMegaYlonaGarcia

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