Mega November  
Like a butterfly finding the first crack of light from a warm, comfortable but cavernous cocoon, Kathryn Bernardo emerges as a young woman who has come into her own—beautiful, bold and brave. And in her right time, she finds herself fronting this milestone of an issue all on her own. Growing up right before our very eyes, Kathryn Bernardo pulls the rug from under us and lifts the veil on her own accord, revealing a side to her that she protected until now. Stronger than ever before, Kathryn owns up to the woman she truly is in this iconic encapsulation of time. To kick start MEGA’s 25th Anniversary celebration, we painstakingly culled an issue that is not only bound to be memorable but a true classic. From a decadent divulgence in fall fashion, an indulgence of the best beauty tips and tools and a cross-section examining of society and its issues in lifestyle, we are definitely going all out from here on out. As promised, here’s the final set for print to complete our nine covers this month. MEGA’s iconic November issue will be available exclusively in National Bookstore.#CelebrateMEGAwithKathNiel Photography: Mark Nicdao Creative Direction: Suki Salvador Fashion Direction and Styling: Jeb Fronda Hair: John Valle Makeup: Denise Ochoa Sittings Editor: Peewee Reyes-Isidro

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