MEGA October 2015: Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

mega-magazine-october-2015-bianca-gonzalez-intal There isn’t a more polarizing concept to a woman than age. While it has been traditionally shunned, with fashion purveyors and beauty pundits dedicating their lives in the pursuit of the so-called “Fountain Youth”, time (ironically) has become a friend lately where more and more women are celebrating their age rather than concealing it. Look younger now—this is the month’s battle cry. But more than pages upon pages of beauty tips, must-try services, breathtaking editorials, surprising know-hows and our annual beauty awards (with over 500+ products and services painstakingly curated) that will make you look more beautiful, we are starting a movement where youth is but a state of mind—to look young, you must feel young—appropriately, of course. Fashion takes you on an unexpected trip of fun with carefully selected funky trends like unexpected carwash pleats, skirt over pants combos, an 80s redux and interesting fur bags, as well as our interpretations of melancholia and moody romanticism. Speaking of unanticipated, this month also marks a change. Fronting this month’s beauty issue is a woman at a point where she is her most beautiful—being at the cusp of motherhood. Multi-hyphenate Bianca Gonzalez Intal celebrates this milestone (baby bump and all) with her inspiring take on the unexpected. We’ve cracked down the code—there is indeed beauty in the unexpected.

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