MEGA’s Woman To Watch: MayMay Entrata

1JR_3073 After leaving the Pinoy Big Brother house, one can tell that all eyes are still on 20-year-old MayMay Entrata–her 741k followers on Instagram can attest to that. 1JR_3104 After winning at the reality show, opportunities have been coming for the young Entrata, with guestings and performances left and right. It is evident that her charisma has brought her to places. 1JR_3177 Dubbed as the “Miss Wacky-Go-Lucky of Cagayan de Oro” because of her quirky and funny personality, there is never a dull moment watching her on screen. But aside from having a sunny disposition, it is really her big heart that has cast people under her spell. When asked why she deserves to be the big winner, she answered, “I want to be an inspiration to everyone. I will do everything to be an inspiration for everyone especially to those who are hopeless to reach their dreams”.  

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