MEGAstyle April 2015: Antoinette Taus

Antoinette Taus

Antoinette Taus has been television’s sweetheart ever since she burst into the showbiz scene in the 90’s. She has come a long way from being a wide-eyed teen in her Ang TV days to now becoming a sophisticated, beautiful woman. One thing that has not changed is her approachable and engaging demeanor. Sitting down with her felt like we were talking to a childhood friend we haven’t caught up with in so long.

One can wonder how Antoinette has remained the same genuine and kind spirited individual, as the showbiz industry is known for being very competitive as it is harrowing. However, throughout her journey, she has always held her values close to her heart. There are a lot of things that one may want to compromise for fame and success but she believes that having a good heart is the most important thing to have. When asked about how she copes with the ever-changing ways of the industry, she tells us that it is all about learning how to avoid complacency. “I truly believe that with anything in life, you can’t ever think that you’ve mastered your craft. Because I feel like when you say that you’ve mastered it, that would mean the end of your growth and that would mean the end of your career,” Antoinette says. It is inspiring to know that even someone as established as her still feels the need to work just as hard or harder than everyone else.

There is something refreshing about someone who still truly believes that there is no other way to get to the top other than pushing hard to get there. With how fast we get things today, it is a grounding reminder to take away. “There are so many people out there that are willing to work harder, willing to put in longer hours and put their blood, sweat and tears in their craft. And if you’re just willing to just settle and say, ‘Well I’m the best already. This is great!’, you sell yourself short. So yes, you really have to work hard and work smart and go after what you want, but more importantly, be kind to everybody you meet throughout the process,” she affirms.

Her infectious positivity stretches out not only through her personal life views but her take on the industry as well. “It’s really booming and things are going so well. What you got to remember within yourself is that we’re all human beings and we’re all equal. We were all put here by God to do positive things and inspire people. I always hope and try and aspire to be the kind of personality that will hopefully make a positive mark because it is very easy to exploit the fame, the power and the influence. I see it every day and see it in some people but I also see the greatness in others. It’s a matter of balancing it out. You have to remember that anything can happen any day. As fast as things come your way, they can be taken away from you instantly as well,” says Antoinette.

A comeback aside, there have been people who questioned her decision to get back at it after so long. We asked her what things she would want to dabble in and she said, “I’m not really trying to think of ways to reinvent myself because at the end of the day I’m the kind of person who wants to stay true to who I am. You know, I’m funny and makulit (playful). I’m very talkative and sometimes I tell myself, ‘Man, I wish I was more demure and mahinhin (dainty)’ but at the end of the you just have to be true to yourself and to who you are because that is what people will appreciate.” Suffice to say, talking to Antoinette made us even more excited to see what she has in store for us in her upcoming projects, which includes the much talked about teleserye, Bridges of Love. Only bigger and brighter things await this actress and we can’t witness this new chapter to unfold.



‘‘I can’t believe how my sense of dressing has changed. It’s amazing how our taste levels will change in the course of our lives. Right now, I love dressing in timeless pieces—clean, minimalistic looks. I’ve been trying to be simpler, because simple is chic. And my absolute favorite for spring would have to be all-denim ensembles. I never got why people loved all these denim pieces being put together and I grew up not finding them cute but I love them now. What you get is a look that’s chic but also comfortable. I think you always look your best when you’re confident and comfortable with what you’re wearing; that’s the key to looking good.”

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Art direction by: Alexandra Lara

Photography by: Jerick Sanchez

Styling by: Francesca Atendido and Nicole Blanco Ramos

Makeup by: Tamara Pineda

Hair by: Katchie Mejias

Nails by: Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

Cover story by: Francesca Atendido

Special thanks to Skull & Bones, Big Guys Pizza, and Jo Cabuay Catering.

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