MEGAstyle April 2015: Aryanna Epperson

Aryanna Epperson for MEGAstyle April 2015 Cover

With a last name like Epperson, one immediately thinks fashion and lifestyle. Having this last name has turned out to be a birth right for Aryanna Epperson into the business of entertainment.  Although she didn’t expect that she would stumble into the crazy, fast-paced world, she is quickly blossoming into a pro at only the tender age of 18. “Because I grew up around parents who are artists, I knew that I was going to fall into a creative path but never did I think I would be in show business especially now that I’m a VJ for MTV. I’ve always been so into my craft which is art, music, blogging and vlogging even. Everything has just been so personal but now that I get to share it with the world it is a bit new to me. It’s scary but exciting at the same time,” she says.

It came as shock to her mom, celebrity stylist Jenni Epperson no less, when Aryanna told her that she wanted to try to get into the industry. “My mom was surprised actually because she knows I’m very introverted and it’s like, ‘Talking to humans! Oh my god!’ So, when I told her she gave me a lot of advice but something that really stuck was to stay true to myself and stay grounded. People should love you for who you are and it’s really about just being yourself,” Aryanna explains.

For being a self-proclaimed introvert, this young lady seems like she already has been doing this for quite a while now with how she is handling everything that she is doing. With effortlessly balancing being a student at De La Salle University (and a consistent Dean’s Lister at that), working on her style blogs, being a VJ for MTV, and running her YouTube channel, we are left in awe with the things she accomplishes on a daily basis. It leaves us wondering how in the world she does all of it when we’re here already struggling trying to eat a meal while watching television at the same time.

“I want to be this person who is relatable and down to earth. I’m a very positive person and I think a lot of the teenagers now in my generation need more positive influences,” she says and she couldn’t be more right. Talking to Aryanna feels so enlightening because while most teenagers of this generation all seem to be “YOLO-ing” it up, it is nice to know that there are still those individuals who have their priorities set straight. “I think in order to figure out who you really are you have to try a lot of different things. You can’t just stay within your circle of friends always. You have to give yourself room to grow outside of your comfort zone. Push yourself the extra two inches to get past that line because if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it. Do everything at your own pace. Don’t be afraid to try new things because you might surprise yourself,” says Aryanna.

A lot of how she lives her life with such a strong vision is because she grew up in such a tight knit environment with her parents boosting her up to be whoever she wanted to be. “We always keep pushing ourselves to do better,” she says. It is crazy to think that she is only 18 and already has a blooming career under her belt.

“I’m in no rush definitely but there are so many things I still want to do,” Aryanna states. We can only imagine how much better it is going to get for her in the future.


Aryanna’s Ultimate Spring Style

“I enjoy casual dressing. For spring, I would opt to wear something sporty, something low maintenance. What I’ve been trying to do a lot more of lately is refining my styling choices. It’s something I’m learning a lot about from my mother. One of the valuable fashion advice she’s given me is this: ‘If you have a dressed-down outfit, opt for well-styled hair. If you’re rocking low-maintenance hairstyles, you can wear something extravagant. It’s all about striking a balance.’

With spring rolling in, I’ve been dressing up in lighter pieces. I’ve been wearing more prints and more pastels. One of my favorite prints this season is gingham. While I like to play around with trends, several things in my wardrobe stay the same though. These would have to be my fluffy pullover sweaters, my skater skirts and my Chuck Taylor sneakers.”

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Art direction by: Alexandra Lara

Photography by: Jerick Sanchez

Styling by: Francesca Atendido and Nicole Blanco Ramos

Makeup by: Anton Patdu

Hair by: Katchie Mejias

Nails by: Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

Cover story by: Francesca Atendido

Special thanks to Skull & Bones, Big Guys Pizza, and Jo Cabuay Catering.

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